Farewell, Mr. Mayor

Mike Ciraulo announced Monday that he will not seek re-election as Battle Ground’s mayor.

But have no fear, Ciraulo fans, Mike plans to stay on the council as a member.

In Battle Ground, voters elect council members, who then select a mayor. Work demands, however, prompted Ciraulo to remove his name from the hat.

The city council will select a new mayor and deputy mayor at its Jan. 3 meeting.

In one of his final acts as mayor, Ciraulo dimmed the council chamber lights, unbuttoned his shirt and struck a Fabio-esque pose.

Image(Photo taken by Amy Buma, http://www.amybuma.com)

OK, not really.

This photo was actually taken several months ago for an ad for Summer Skin Tanning Salon in Battle Ground.

For months, this photo could only be seen by Battle Ground movie-goers and customers of the tanning salon.

But, thanks to our spies, we have it here for your viewing pleasure.

We’re not sure who the Battle Ground City Council will select to serve as the new mayor in January. But, according to Ciraulo fans, he or she will have big (modeling?) shoes to fill.

Here are some of the comments other local officials posted to Ciraulo’s Facebook page announcement:

Sean Guard, Washougal mayor: “Great people do great things. BG is a wonderful place because of the role you and Gilda have played in the community. Well played, Mike.”

Jack Burkman, Vancouver city councilman: “Thank you, Mike. You did a great job for Battle Ground!”

Scott Higgins, Camas mayor: “You did an excellent job and you will be missed. Thank you for your partnership and community dedication. You are leaving behind a fine example to follow!”

Tim Leavitt, Vancouver mayor: “You’ve been a stellar Mayor for your City, Mike.”

Michael Dalesandro, Battle Ground Planning Commission: “Mike, you’ve been and will continue to be a great advocate and representative for our community. You will always be our Mayor!”

Speaking of mayors, what’s with our local mayors thinking they can be models?

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