Extreme Barn Makeover

Since I’m still making up for missing the best work session of the year last week, here’s my shout-out to Clark County Code Enforcement.

During manager Paul Scarpelli’s annual review last week, he told commissioners that code enforcement officers kept resolving public nuisance violations, building code violations and zoning code violations. Code enforcement prompted more than $200,000 in permit revenue, down from 2009 when the figure was just shy of $300,000.

One case that was closed involved a property north of Ridgefield. Here’s the “before” photo from February 2011:


And here’s the “after” photo from August:


Long story short, the case was opened in 2005, Scarpelli said. The property owner went to jail and his ex-wife inherited the property. She had a hoarding habit in addition to neighbors who contacted code enforcement. Scarpelli said over the years the code enforcement officers made repeat visits and the fines started piling up. The property was foreclosed on last year, and the mortgage company paid the county $5,000 in fines to settle the matter. The mortgage company also paid to have the property cleaned up, Scarpelli said.

The “before” photo looks like a “Can You Find …” picture. I spy a bird cage and a camping chair.

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