Everyone welcome to serve on commissions

To an untrained ear, a sentence spoken at a Clark County commissioner work session would sound like this: “What’s deeb think?”

That would be DEAB, as in the Development and Engineering Advisory Board, a group of private sector folks assembled to give input to commissioners. I would consider it to be one of the more important advisory groups in the county, in the sense that I often hear commissioners asking staffers what members of the DEAB thought regarding technical code changes.

Not all advisory groups are equal, though, and commissioners recently approved a pilot project to consolidate three advisory groups into one and track potential savings.

One of the groups in the pilot project is the Clark County Clean Water Commission, a nine-member group that includes David Darby of Amboy.

Darby is one of Commissioner Tom Mielke’s friends — with Mielke even signing as a witness in Darby’s 2010 federal lawsuit against Auditor Greg Kimsey (the lawsuit was dismissed) — but if county commissioners are going to be seeking input from the public is it really too much to ask that the members of these boards at least recognize the authority of county government?

I understand that it’s good to have a variety of opinions on these advisory boards, but making recommendations to a government you don’t believe in seems counterproductive.

Feel free to disagree below. Or feel free to join Darby’s movement and use his How to Become a Sovereign Guide.

Then you can read what an organization with a well-known acronym, the FBI, says about the sovereign movement.

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