Don’t Talk and Tractor

Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt mentioned today at the end of the commissioners’ meeting that a record crowd turned out Saturday for Harvest Fun Day at 78th Street Heritage Farm.

Of the approximately 3,800 people who attended, one of them sent me this photo:


There’s farmer Boldt, seemingly driving a tractor while talking on his cell phone. (I added “seemingly” because I have no proof the tractor is in motion.) The person who sent me the photo asked if that’s legal, given that in Washington driving while talking on a cell phone (without using a hands-free device) is a traffic infraction.

Traffic rules only apply to streets, said Clark County Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor Bronson Potter. He said driving under the influence cases, for example, have been tossed because the person was in a parking lot and not on a street.

Potter added that he does not endorse using a cell phone while driving a tractor, even if it’s legal.

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