Don’t steal, eh?

Marc Boldt may be the quietest of the three county commissioners during meetings, but count on him to ask the good questions, the ones for which there are no easy answers.

During Wednesday’s board time, administrator Bill Barron told commissioners the flag display on the sixth floor of the Clark County Public Service Center was not going to return.

The 32 flags were outside of the commissioners’ hearing room, giving the hallway the feel of the United Nations. The 30 remaining flags were taken down a few weeks ago.

The flags were removed after the Austrian and Canadian flags were stolen, Barron said.

“Who would steal a Canadian flag?” Boldt asked.

Good question.

While the “why” may never be answered, the “how” is easy enough, as the Public Service Center is open after hours and used by different organizations.

State Sen. Craig Pridemore arranged for the flags to be displayed on the sixth floor back when he was a county commissioner.

The flags were on loan from the annual Discovery Walk and were a colorful addition to the building.

“That’s really disappointing,” Pridemore said Thursday.

With the flags gone, Barron said that he will ask members of the Clark County Arts Commission for a proposal to have a rotating arts exhibit on the sixth floor.

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