Don’t hold the butter

When it comes to the “Summer’s Best Party,” Commissioner Marc Boldt is among the top partiers.

Fellow maven Stephanie Rice wrote about Boldt’s affinity for the Clark County Fair last year.

So with the fair kicking off next week, it was no surprise that Boldt took a few minutes during Wednesday’s Board of Health meeting to talk about the fair.

This year, the Clark County Fair is jumping on the healthy-food bandwagon. About a quarter of the food booths are serving more nutritious foods, Boldt said.

(Don’t panic! The Clark County Dairy Women will still be serving their creamy peach milkshakes.)

During the 10-day run of the fair, Boldt often spends hours cooking meat and preparing barbecue sandwiches at the Young Life food booth. This year, his booth is switching out beef for “nutritious chicken,” Boldt said.

The confession drew concerned looks from commissioners Steve Stuart and Tom Mielke.

Other food vendors expressed concern about whether healthy food will sell at the fair. Healthy food doesn’t taste good, they told Boldt.

Still, Boldt said he thought the county should work to convince vendors to offer healthy options alongside the elephant ears.

After he was done talking about fair food, Boldt asked if the other commissioners had anything to add.

“I still get butter on my corn, right?” asked Mielke, causing the room full of health officials to erupt into laughter.

“I can’t have corn on the cob without it dripping in butter,” he added.

But Boldt had good news for Mielke and other corn on the cob lovers. Food vendors aren’t banning butter.

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