Dog bites mayor

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt made it clear in a story today that he doesn’t want to ban pit bulls in the city.

But he has less than fuzzy feelings about another breed – the Cocker Spaniel.

The floppy eared interloper bit the future mayor when he was doorbelling for his ’07 city council re-election campaign. It ran around the side of a house and bit his calf, just breaking the skin.

“Yeah, the Cocker Spaniel saw a politician and decided to go for it,” he joked.

Nobody even answered the door. But Leavitt did manage to leave a campaign flyer and information, despite the fluffy menace.

In a further attempt at humor, Leavitt called his drive to make sure he left a flyer “dogged determination.” Groan.

We’re sensing a trend here, by the way. It wasn’t long ago that we heard tales of County Commissioner Steve Stuart’s fanny falling victim to a bite as well.

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