This item is courtesy of guest blogger (and Columbian reporter) Laura McVicker.

Political conservative David Hedrick ran for U.S. Congress.

He wrote a children’s book that was featured in a Time magazine article.

And his attack of former U.S. Rep. Brian Baird during a town hall meeting in 2009 went viral.

But all that seemed to escape a Clark County District Court pool Friday morning, as they were being questioned before Hedrick’s fourth-degree assault trial. Early Friday evening, jurors unanimously voted to acquit the failed 3rd Congressional candidate of accusations that he physically assaulted his wife.

During jury selection, Judge John Hagensen asked 12 potential jurors if anyone of them knew of Hedrick.

Crickets chirped. No one raised their hand. He again asked if anyone knew anything about Hedrick’s case. Nothing.

Could name recognition be a reason he lost the race?

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