Curb your enthusiasm

Having a gubernatorial debate in Clark County is exciting, as statewide candidates tend to not give us much attention.

But organizers don’t want it to be too exciting.

The debate between Republican Rob McKenna and Democrat Jay Inslee will be 8 p.m. Aug. 29 at the WSU Vancouver auditorium. The auditorium seats fewer than 200 people.

Troy Van Dinter, an organizer of the debate, sent an email Tuesday to Clark County Administrator Bill Barron, cc’ing the commissioners, and said four tickets have been reserved for the county and he needs to know who will be using the tickets. Van Dinter included details attendees need to know, including this: “No signs/banners or noise makers of any kind are allowed, and cheering/booing/inappropriate noises will not be allowed.”

Commissioner Steve Stuart replied to Van Dinter:

How about face or body painting to signify support for our team, is that allowed? Mascot uniforms? Snapping when we like something, jazz style?

Van Dinter’s response:

We would prefer NOT !!! and please don’t wear your Oregon Duck shirt either ..


You’re no fun at all. Even SOCCER allows things like that to liven it up.

Van Dinter:

I will remind the folks who do YOUR next debate in two years…


Thanks again for all your work on this Troy! It’s exciting stuff.
Yeah buddy. Mine’ll be like Happy Gilmore playing golf. 🙂

The mavens are just left wondering about Van Dinter’s definition of “inappropriate noises.”

If you want to submit a debate question for consideration, click here.

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