Cranks from the other ‘Couv

Add this to our fair city’s complex about its indistinguishable location.

There may have been some nudity at a recent gay pride parade in the ‘Couv to the north. And a man from Surrey, BC, thought he’d write politicians a long, poorly punctuated email to let them know about his extreme displeasure. (Side note: Paragraph breaks are our friend.)

“Why is okay for you at the helm to allow the gays be nude? Is their tax dollars greener than mine?” he wrote, adding later, “Your forcus is the economy horse riding on the backs of the down trodden.”

One problem: He wrote the Vancouver, Wash., city council.

Vancouver (WA) support specialist Alexis Bafus came to the rescue, writing:

“Good morning Mr. (redacted),

After reviewing your email, it appears you have reached the wrong City of Vancouver.

Mayor Tim Leavitt, and Councilmembers Pat Campbell, Jack Burkman, Bart Hansen, Larry Smith, Jeanne Harris and Jeanne Stewart are all members of the City of Vancouver City Council, located in Vancouver, Washington.”

Campbell said stuff like this happens from time to time.

Here’s the full (unedited) text:

Is nudity allowed in Public Place? Why is special allowance given to the gays and the rest are hauled away to jail? Where is there decency in the midst of such parade where young children are allowed to watch grown-ups display their extremities and their nether region. I see the mayor of Vancouver and MPs and MLAs publicly embracing such nudity causes that set bad examples across the board? If this is allowed where kids can witness by not they be allowed at StripClubs and Taverns/Bars? Why is examption allowed for the gays? Is it because it is a white cultural thing? There are quite a few of our population who are conservative in our views especially when it come to prohibitive nudity. No culture or cause is above the law. The last time I checked was that Public Nudity was allowed only at the wreck beach. Why is it allowed to be spilled over on to our publicly funded streets. On any given day no matter what the cause is I along with my family and others of like mind should be free and not restrictive to places of our movement. Why is okay for you at the helm to allow the gays be nude? Is their tax dollars greener than mine? Are not my tax dollars serving the purpose to paying you your salaries? Why the special examption? Why is it that you see fit to guard their existence and not mine? Why is it that there is one rule for the hetero and another for the gays? If these two are different than by the same stroke of the whip your indulgence should be the same for every other cultural practices that may come out of the wood work? Do you lot realise that the crowd that you pull through the media and those that you pull through your officiating presence are crowds who theoratically are there for the nude/vulgar show and not for the cause and for the lack of better thing to do in their frivolous life style. There are interlectuals in your midst, you know! Even when you market Vancouver to be the friendly gay city in the west you do it with the sweetener of nudity,vulgarity. Is that what we have come down to? – advertise nudity and not the cause? That is basically what you are doing – Avertising nudity not the cause to boost the BC economy. You appear to care for the gay cause as any politician whould do, you are guilty of riding on their coat tails and I with the same conclusion as you point on the others for non acceptance of the gays – with that same coin I can term you lot as gay bashing and using them for proping up the economy. Gay bashing is alive and well – as shown/seen through your action of allowance.
One case in point that draws people to a parade that is not for the cause but nudity/vulgarity and promiscuity is a recent head line news in the eastern hemisphere “India’s slut walk bring tamer, smaller crowd” their caption was “THE CAUSE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE CLOTHES YOU WEAR” – this coming from a country that has high illiteracy rate verses that of ours. Go figure – it is not rocket science. I suppose since we are a supposedly more intelligent society it is okay for us to be some times illiterate and bring about our animalist instincts.
What lesson is it that you say we are teaching our kids here? I am intelligently sure it is not of acceptance of the Gays or the women who wear slutty clothes. You are true politicians.
Your forcus is the economy horse riding on the backs of the down trodden. You hold hands with the media.
Whats that I hear ==> Ca aching!. Everybody in for the money not the cause – Vulgar causes are the media’s cash crop and you the politicians.

Surrey, BC

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