County Manager explains basic science on national TV

As Clark County manager, Shawn Henessee has many responsibilities, such as preparing a half-billion-dollar annual budget, overseeing over a thousand employees and presiding over the bureaucracy that is county government. 

Now, Henessee has another job: explaining basic science to millions of people. 

Henessee’s debut as an up and coming Neil Degrasse Tyson came via the Today show, which sent a reporter all the way to Clark County to watch people jump off the bridge at Moulton Falls Regional Park. 

The reason for the assignment was the one-year anniversary of Tay’Lor Smith pushing Jordan Holgerson off the bridge at Moulton Falls Regional Park. A video of the incident went viral and drew national headlines. The Today show’s story revealed that people are still jumping off the bridge despite a sign telling them not to. 

The segment included an interview with Henessee repeated the explanation for the impracticality of putting up a fence or other measures to prevent people from jumping. In the end, Henessee explained that you shouldn’t jump off the bridge because of science. 

“The message is actually very simple: You’re not immune to the laws of physics, and in the end, gravity always wins,” Henessee told Today.

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