County Commi$$ioner Races

According to the Public Disclosure Commission, the two biggest war chests in the state (among candidates for local positions) belong to David Madore and Joe Tanner.

As of Wednesday, Madore had $99,692, mostly ($90,000) his own money. The total figure includes in-kind donations, and Madore is listed as the person who provided $5,677 of $5,842 in in-kind donations.

Madore, CEO of U.S. Digital, is running against Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt, who has raised a total of $29,285, good for 13th on the list. Boldt has not spent any of his own money.

Tanner, a former state legislator and former business executive, has raised $79,203. His own money accounts for $26,000 of that total and his in-kind donations have come from other people.

Tanner is running against Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, who has $15,428 including $2,750 from his own bank account.

Clark County has seen big money races before for commissioner. In 2005, when Steve Stuart ran to keep his appointed seat, Mielke rented an apartment in Stuart’s district. Mielke built a war chest of $204,468 to Stuart’s $202,087. Then Stuart had to run in 2006 to win his first full four-year term. Stuart raised $260,034 to former Vancouver Mayor Bruce Hagensen’s $88,044.

As for the rest of this year’s candidates for commissioners, Boldt challengers Roman Battan has $9,941 ($4,600 of his own money) and Pat Campbell has $1,576. All but $76 is Campbell’s own money, but he has been soliciting $1 donations. With the exception of four donations — of $25, $7, $5 and @ — the rest are $1. So if you gauge support by how many different people give you money, Campbell has four times as many supporters than money leader Madore.

Mielke challenger Ron Barca has $7,244, none of it his own money.

Mielke challengers Darren Wertz and Bob Freund have not raised any money.

For more about all of these candidates, follow the links from this blog.

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