Could this be the B.G. council’s new anthem?

It is no secret members of the Battle Ground City Council are not the most tight-knit bunch the world of politics has ever seen.

Outgoing Battle Ground Deputy Mayor Phil Haberthur captured their less than amiable relationship when I spoke with him last week for this story.

“We worked together, and got work done, but you wouldn’t see us at the movies on a Friday night,” Haberthur said.

Councilwoman Lisa Walters noted the council had some “fractures.” That description works well too.

Walters and other remaining council members hope the next few years will be peaceful and prosperous. The council will welcome three new members in a few weeks. The council will also appoint a new mayor and deputy mayor.

It is Friday. That means a song dedication is in order. I know how much Battle Ground council members love music. Witness Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Battle Ground City Council, I give you Elvis Costello!

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