Cops beat robbers


Our blog entry Monday about a misfired rumor regarding Vancouver City Council comments and CVTV got us thinking: Who watches CVTV anyway?

Well, there’s no Nielsen ratings for public access, but they do track web hits on their site.

There was one clear winner: the Vancouver Police Department’s recruitment video, which had 28,533 hits in 2011.

The cops blew away those crooks of our tax dollars (according to some people anyway), the Vancouver City Council (11,444) and the Clark County Board of Commissioners (4,875).

That’s right, wannabe cops more than doubled the annual total of visitors to the city council’s meetings.

(Allow me to take a moment to advertise my stunning, informative and surely Pulitzer-prize winning story about the cost of recruiting cops set to run this Sunday).

But it’s got to cause sirs Mielke, Stuart and Boldt some heartache that their urban counterparts more than doubled their ratings.

If this were a ratings war, the council would be “Two and a Half Men” — we’re not saying who we think the half man is — while the the commissioners would be reruns of “The Golden Girls” — we’re also not saying who we think is Blanche.

As for CVTV itself, a 2008 survey found that the most common way people found themselves tuning into channels 21 and 23 (32 percent in Vancouver, 38 percent outside city limits) was channel surfing.

The survey also found The Columbian was the top way people heard about local government news (thanks!), at 57 percent, but that was down by 10 percent since 2000 (yipes!).

Ladies and gentlemen, the Top 10 most watched CVTV videos online in 2011:

  1. Vancouver Police Department Recruitment Video: 28,533
  2. Vancouver City Council: 11,444
  3. Clark County Board of Commissioners: 4,875
  4. Clark County Close-Up: 3,466
  5. Firstenburg Community Center Overview: 3,035
  6. 2007 State of the City Address: 2,602
  7. Election Programming: 2,510
  8. VPD All Access Programs: 2,503
  9. Hazel Dell Parade of Bands: 2,082
  10. City Council Workshops: 1,806
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