Commissioners have high standards on who qualifies for senior discount

County commissioners have been talking about offering, to senior citizens and veterans, discounted annual parking passes for regional parks.

The 25 percent discount would drop the price to $30.

After Clark County Administrator Bill Barron relayed the commissioners’ desires to parks staff, they had questions that Barron posed to commissioners this week.

First question: At what age do commissioners consider people to be senior citizens? The staff recommended 60.

“To me, that looks young,” said Commissioner Tom Mielke, 69.

He suggested 65.

Commissioner Steve Stuart, 40, didn’t answer the question. Instead he said he has no problem offering discounts to veterans or low-income people but doesn’t like blanket discounts for senior citizens because some can afford to pay full price.

“That includes you,” he told Mielke.

Commissioners earn $98,224 a year.

(Of course, Mielke would also qualify for a discounted pass because he’s a veteran.)

Boldt, 56, said he was fine with Mielke’s suggestion.

Barron said Friday that he gave Pete Mayer the answer.

Mayer, the director of Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation, said the state parks department defines senior citizens as people ages 62 and older.

Doesn’t matter, Barron said. The commissioners want 65.

There will be a public hearing, so if enough residents ages 62 to 64 show up, maybe commissioners will change their minds.

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