Our awesome transpo writer Eric Florip sits through his share of meetings too. Here’s a dispatch from his side of the street:

Say what you will about C-Tran. But don’t say the agency lacks a sense of humor.

During a two-day visit from the Washington State Transportation Commission that wrapped up in Vancouver this week, C-Tran Executive Director Jeff Hamm gave one of many presentations to the seven-member group. His topic: “Regional transportation issues, challenges and priorities.”

Sounds, um, exciting.

Turns out, Hamm only needed the first slide to sum up the plight of a public agency looking for revenue these days:


The picture drew a good laugh from a room full of transportation wonks. Hamm said the idea was his own, and apparently it’s one he’s used before. (It’s unclear who can claim credit for the title — the image was sent to The Columbian under the name “Cheesy Rider.”)

You might say C-Tran successfully grabbed a hefty lump of cheese with the passage of Proposition 1 last week. The agency definitely took some lumps, but didn’t get whacked.

Better strap on that helmet a little tighter for next year’s light rail vote.

— Eric Florip

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