Catching up on the county beat

Well, well. I return from vacation only to find that there aren’t enough county commissioners around for a quorum — the National Association of Counties is having its annual conference at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, so commissioners are busy with that.

Today’s featured speaker is Aron Ralston (played by James Franco in “127 Hours”) the guy who fell during a climb and had to free himself from a boulder by cutting off his arm. I’m not sure what he plans to talk to commissioners about – maybe give them some perspective, reassure them that it’s really not painful to have to listen to public comment?

While I catch up on baseball and biomass, I’ll leave you with one vacation photo. It was nice to get away to Montana and eastern Idaho, places where no one even knows what “CRC” stands for, places where, as my husband observed in Butte, this passes for mass transit:


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