Caption contest!

The mavens came across this never-published January 2007 photograph of Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart and Clark County Treasurer Doug Lasher.

It made us laugh.


We know why it was never printed in the paper, because why would you run this photo with a story about a swearing-in ceremony, but we thought it was blog-worthy. It appears as though Big Stu is picking on Doug. And while we know Stuart as a jock who sometimes can’t resist making fun of people, we know Doug as someone who says “I have a passion for treasury management,” and, sadly, you know he’s being honest.

But — and maybe it’s because our colleagues are giving up-to-the-minute updates on the March Madness games and WE CAN’T GET A MOMENT OF PEACE — we are coming up blank on ideas for what Steve could be saying to Doug.

Got an idea for a caption? Post it below.

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