Can you microchip a snake?

The Vancouver City Council talked about stricter rules on dangerous dogs Monday night, but part of the discussion also moved to dangerous exotic animals.

County Animal Control and city attorney staff also recommended a quick update to the city’s dangerous exotic animals code, increasing the fines someone who owns an unlicensed venomous snake or lion would face.

Dangerous exotic animals aren’t allowed in the city anymore; those here before 1997 are grandfathered in but must be licensed.

“How do we know it is the same individual? Are they microchipped?” Councilor Pat Campbell asked.

Animal Control Manager Paul Scarpelli said the county keeps a close eye on the animals, adding: “I don’t know if you can microchip a snake.”

Campbell said he just wanted to make sure that if a licensed snake or other animal dies, the owner won’t just pull the old switcheroo and replace one dead snake with another.

Scarpelli said that isn’t likely to happen.

And, for what it’s worth, Councilor Jeanne Harris used to sell microchips for animals. She said you CAN indeed put one in a reptile — or just about any animal.

A Google search bears this out as well.

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