Camas councilman eyes mayoral run

By virtue of his title, Camas Mayor Pro-Tem Scott Higgins will replace current Mayor Paul Dennis when the latter steps down in the coming weeks to head an economic development group.

The city council will hold a subsequent vote to formally appoint a mayor. The mayor’s seat will be on election ballots in November.

Higgins said Tuesday afternoon he would run for a four-year term this November if the council appoints him to finish Dennis’ term.

Earlier in the day, Dennis announced he had accepted an offer to head the Camas-Washougal Economic Development Association.

The mayor’s decision did not take Higgins off-guard. He noted he had weighed whether to run for mayor if such a situation arose.

“I knew this possibility might come along,” Higgins said. “I feel I’m ready to help.”

He added, “Camas has a fine tradition of good leadership and I believe I can carry that further.”

Higgins has served on the Camas City Council since 2002. He is serving a two-year term as Mayor Pro-Tem that began Jan. 1, 2010.

Higgins grew up in Camas before attending college in Tampa, Fla. He and his wife live in Camas with their two young daughters.

“I grew up here as a kid and it’s been a wonderful place for me,” Higgins said, adding he wished to “protect and preserve” the city for his daughters’ generation.

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