C-Tran riders not “Stoopid”

Apparently, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt wasn’t just speaking for himself when he said this at Tuesday’s C-Tran board meeting:

“Who in the world are 311 and Slightly Stoopid?”

The two reggae-flavored bands played Clark County’s Sleep Country Amphitheater on Sept. 4, one of six shows in this year’s concert series at the fairgrounds. C-Tran offers shuttle service to and from those events.

Typically, the concerts generate anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand passenger trips for C-Tran. But 311 and Slightly Stoopid? Just 74.

That’s 37 people each way. Ouch.

Consider C-Tran’s totals for the rest of this year’s concerts:

  • Kiss and Motley Crue: 1,508 passenger trips
  • Kelly Clarkson and The Fray: 510
  • Willie Nelson and Family: 347
  • Blondie and DEVO: 313
  • Rock Fest: 223
  • 311 and Slightly Stoopid: 74

Clearly, Clark County just wants to rock and roll all nite.

Maybe 311 and Slightly Stoopid fans just didn’t want to take the bus? Maybe they missed the show to work on the Initiative 502 campaign? Hard to say.

Actually, none of this year’s shows measured up to the numbers C-Tran has seen in the past. In 2008, Journey and Heart generated 3,231 passenger trips. The Police also topped 3,000 the same year.

The shuttle turnout for 311 and Slightly Stoopid was the lowest for a concert in at least five years. The previous mark was Velvet Revolver, which drew just 183 passenger trips in 2007. C-Tran’s report does not indicate how many of those were disillusioned Guns N’ Roses fans.

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