But who's the daddy?

The proposed replacement Interstate 5 bridge has been called lots of names during public meetings by residents opposed to the Columbia River Crossing: loot rail, gravy train, crime train, and a boondoggle.

But Josephine Wentzel of David Madore’s NoTolls.com gave Clark County commissioners a new description on Tuesday, by comparing the project to a foster child.

Wentzel, who said she was there to speak on behalf of the citizens of the county, said the “rubber stampers” who are forcing the project are being unrealistic about the cost.

She said it reminds her of a young girl who dreams of having a baby. When told about the reality of raising a child, the girl doesn’t listen and goes on ahead and gets pregnant.

Then the baby arrives, and the girl can’t deal with the crying and dirty diapers, so she gives up her child.

That’s why there are more than 500,000 children in foster care in this country, Wentzel said. She said many are unadoptable because they are older than 9.

“I’m afraid we are going to give birth to a baby we can’t afford,” Wentzel told commissioners.

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