Burkman’s Buggies, LLC


Local dudes Jim Mains and Gary Bock are back at it again — and this time they’ve convinced an actual real, live politician (who isn’t Tim Leavitt) to look ridiculous.

In the latest edition of their online video series, The Vancouver Side, Mains and Bock head to last Saturday’s popular Cruisin’ the Gut.

The pair “transform” into roving reporters Kirby and Stuart (or Stuart and Kirby, if you will) and charter a ride for their tour of the classic car show.

Who should pull up, but Vancouver Councilor Jack Burkman in his own classic, tiny Mini Cooper. Burkman is dressed like a chauffeur, and squeezes the local dudes into the back of his Mini.

I’m not kidding when I say it seriously resembles a clown car. There’s wigs and an ever-rotating assortment of mustaches. Also, some good shots of cool cars and folks enjoying the day.

No word on whether Burkman’s got a business license for Burkman’s Buggies, LLC … but since we highly doubt it’s a real business, we’ll let it go.

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