Maybe I’ve just been watching too much of the Olympics, but when I saw Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt’s new signs and T-shirts …


… I immediately thought of Jamaican Usain Bolt:


Other than both having races this week and sporting the colors green and yellow, I’m not sure what the two men have in common. Bolt proved Sunday he’s still the Fastest Man in the World, the title traditionally bestowed on the winner of the 100-meter dash.

I doubt Boldt is even the fastest county commissioner.

While Bolt still has the 200-meter race, Boldt has Tuesday’s primary. Bolt has his teammates, one of whom picked up the silver medal in the 100. Boldt, who lost the support of the local Clark County GOP, still has fellow Republicans U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler and gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna. At his booth at the Clark County Fair, Boldt has signs for McKenna and Herrera Beutler.

Here he is, sort of looking like a kidnapping victim holding up the newspaper to prove the date. But it is today’s paper, which has the photo of Bolt at the top. (Boldt is with Herman Chipman, his father-in-law.)


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