Boldt says he’ll seek third term as commissioner

On Monday, Andrea blogged about her very rapid descent down the stairs at the new Vancouver City Hall.

On Tuesday, it was my turn to stumble. Fortunately I was not in danger of hurting anything but my pride, as my clumsiness came during a taping of an interview with Commissioner Marc Boldt for CVTV’s “Clark County Focus.”

Have I mentioned I only took print, not broadcast, journalism classes in college?

“Clark County Focus” is a 30-minute show. The point is to let viewers hear the commissioner’s thoughts on a range of local current events.

When I taped a show with Commissioner Steve Stuart in July, I didn’t have enough written questions so I had to start asking them off the top of my head.

For the show with Boldt, I doubled the number of questions I’d had for Stuart. I still ran out.

It started off well. Boldt said he’ll run for re-election next year, we talked about his role as the swing vote on the board for baseball and biomass, how he’s undecided on the baseball tax, state budget cuts and how they hurt the county’s drug and alcohol detox services, among other things.

I clearly have no concept of time, because when the camerawoman flashed the “10 minutes left” signal, I panicked.

I filled the time by asking relevant questions — traffic impact fees, the CRC, the vote on light rail — but was just thinking off the top of my head.

As I said, clumsy.

Andrea said she learned Monday that the city council doesn’t care whether she falls down the stairs but said she will be more careful.

For the next “Clark County Focus” I will write down even more questions. The next interview will be with Commissioner Tom Mielke.

Got anything you want me to ask him?

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