Boger's got it handled

You’d expect someone like Brent Boger to cover his bases before making a leap.

So when we asked him last week if his role as assistant Vancouver city attorney would butt heads with his new job as Washougal City Councilor, Boger said he’d already figured this stuff out.

You see, as a staff member, Boger sometimes has to be on hand to answer questions and give presentations to the Vancouver City Council on Monday nights. But that’s the night he also must attend Washougal meetings.

And no, he answered, he wouldn’t need Hermione Granger’s Time Turner that allowed her to be in two places at once.

So far, meetings in Washougal have started at 6 p.m. and finished in a half hour or so, meaning if he has to be at Vancouver meeting at 7 p.m., it’s worked out.

As to where his allegiances lie, Boger said that if there was a scheduling conflict, it would depend on the situation.

“If it’s something that can be covered by another attorney, Washougal,” he said. “If I absolutely had to be there, Vancouver will take priority.”

So far this year, he’s only had to attend a handful of Vancouver meetings anyway. Further reducing the possibility of conflict is a possible move by Washougal to hold meetings just twice a month, he said.

Finally, he’s thought of one other possible problem, and worked to find a fix: “If there‚Äôs a contract between Vancouver and Washougal, I have to recuse myself.”

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