Boger’s bogus resignation?

That Brent Boger — former Clark County Republican chairman — was quitting his gig as a Republican PCO and mostly getting out of party involvement was news. News enough that we thought it was worth a story in the paper.

And that’s where Mary Graham — Republican legislative director for the 18th District — also got the news. That her own PCO was quitting.

Although Boger said on Facebook that he would announce his withdrawal at a July 25 meeting, he “never did, never did, never did,” Graham said Monday night.

“My goodness, I am stunned,” she said. “I didn’t think Brent would ever do anything like this. How hard would have been to copy Stephanie (McClintock, the new county party chairwoman) or me?”

Graham said she was still in contact with Boger as recently as late last week, sending him PCO voter lists and information. That’s something she wouldn’t have done if she’d known Boger was out of the race.

“I just don’t think this is any way to deliver a message,” Graham said. “We have responsibilities, and this is not a responsible action.”

Graham said she was planning to get in touch with Boger to see just what was up. But she sure wasn’t happy to hear it from The Columbian first.

“Is this the way he does city attorney business?” Graham asked, referring to Boger’s day job as assistant city attorney in Vancouver. “Attorneys are supposed to dot the i’s cross the t’s and do things by the book.”

Finally, she said it’s often best to fight wrongs from within the party. If Boger was so fed up with the Tea Party contingency, why not stay and remain a voice of reason?

“You affect change from the inside,” Graham said a mentor told her. “I will miss him. I am just sad.”

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