Bear captured in City Hall

Image(One of these things is not like the other)

It wasn’t the black bear caught last week back to protest his treatment, but there was a bear sighting at Monday’s Vancouver City Council meeting.

Smokey the Bear, he of the “only YOU can prevent forest fires” campaign, was on hand to accept a proclamation for National Get Outdoors Week.

Before giving Smokey his proclamation, Mayor Tim Leavitt quipped: “We’ve had a lot of bears in the news recently, is security here?”

I say, at least he was wearing pants.

Before the meeting, several politicians stopped to glad-hand the ursine visitor. This reporter had to suppress a childhood urge to give him a hug.

Councilor Jeanne Stewart made a new furry friend:


Smokey was silent as a U.S. Forest Service representative accepted the proclamation and gave a little publicity to this Saturday’s event at the Water Resources Center.

Leavitt wished Smokey and co. adieu with a smile and a request: “Keep your relatives out of the city.”

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