Phil Haberthur: Battle Ground deputy mayor. Vancouver attorney. Burrito pusher?

It’s true.

As of Sept. 20, Phil, and his wife, Lisa, are the proud owners of the Hazel Dell Baja Fresh, 7801 N.E. Highway 99.

The Haberthurs partnered with Phil’s coworker Bradley Anderson and his wife, Deanne, to purchase the restaurant.

The attorneys don’t plan to give up practicing law in favor of the burrito biz, though.

Phil and his wife were simply looking for a new venture, he said.

“We wanted to have something we could grow on our own and maybe have to pass onto our kids some day,” Phil said.

This isn’t Phil’s or Lisa’s first experience with small businesses.

Phil’s parents own four Party City stores in the area. As a teen, he helped open the store in Clackamas and worked in the stores throughout college.

Lisa worked for various small-businesses, many in the food service industry, Phil said.

Lisa operates the restaurant and Phil assists her. He also has an important role in the quality control division where he serves as an official taste tester.

Here are some other interesting Baja Phil tidbits:

-Phil’s favorite menu item: Shrimp tacos with new seasonal cranberry salsa.

-Prior to buying the restaurant, Phil ate at Baja Fresh often. Like, at least once a week.

“My wife teases me and said that’s why we had to own it, because we were there as much as the owner was.”

-Phil claims to eat there less now that he owns the place. However, the day we spoke about his new venture he had just returned from lunch … at Baja Fresh.

-Phil does not plan to bring burritos to the Battle Ground City Council meetings.

“If I bring them in, people are going to say, ‘He’s trying to sway council members’ votes by giving them burritos.'”

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