Author: Brooks Johnson

All I want for Christmas is…

Between the Thanksgiving turkey and the Christmas ham sit those few magical weeks of Adventures in Capitalism. I'm not so big on the shopping sprees that have detracted from the real […]

One incentive for voter turnout

Let's face it, this year's election turnout was abysmal. Less than 35 percent of you Clark County registered voters bothered to do that fill-in-the-boxes-and-send-that-paper-thingy-in dance. To move those numbers up in […]

Little city, big upset

While there is no polling machine for small local races in an off-year election, it can be safely assumed that a sitting mayor and former police chief will have the […]

Nice to meet ya

Astute local political observers may have been thrown off by a new name atop last week's C-Tran story. Brooks who? Last week was my first at The Columbian, and I did my best to […]

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