One incentive for voter turnout

Let’s face it, this year’s election turnout was abysmal. Less than 35 percent of you Clark County registered voters bothered to do that fill-in-the-boxes-and-send-that-paper-thingy-in dance.

To move those numbers up in future elections, I’m proposing some extrinsic rewards. (Voting should already be its own intrinsic reward, patriots, but we know you all like stuff.)

So here it comes —The Igivudam Award.


This year’s inaugural recipient: La Center! You had the best turnout of all our cities!

While we couldn’t quite get half of you to get your ballots in, a solid 42 percent of you did, making the mayor’s race a very near representation of the will of the majority. So close!

There are only 364 days until the next general election. Will you be there?

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