Arch comes out swinging

Arch Miller, influential businessman and baseball backer, sent an email to the Vancouver City Council and the Clark County Commissioners last week, drawing correlations between the NBA lockout’s effect on Portland businesses and the potential benefit that baseball might bring Southwest Washington.

Miller, who has frequently donated in state and local political races (although his only contribution this year was one on Sept. 6 of $200 to Craig Riley), also let the politicians know they are replaceable.

“Whether you are reelected or not is not important,” he writes. “There are many others who are well qualified to fill your seat.”

We bet the campaign checks won’t be rolling in for those who vote against the proposed 5 percent entertainment tax — which would be used to fund 40 percent of the construction cost of a stadium at Clark College. The team would pay another 30 percent of the $23 million cost.

We also wonder if Miller sent similar emails to local businesses, asking them to help fill the 30 percent gap in finances?

Here’s the link to The Oregonian’s story that Miller sent along.

Here’s the full email, sent Oct. 5:

On Monday, October 3, the Oregonian ran an excellent article on the loss to Portland area businesses should the NBA season be cancelled. This same results will happen, although on a smaller scale, if we don’t welcome the Yakima Bears to Vancouver – although you can always take the position that we never had them so it’s no loss. I would hope that each and every one of you would study this issue as it relates to economic development. Nothing else matters. Whether you are reelected or not is not important. There are many others who are well qualified to fill your seat. It’s better for you to be remembered for what you did rather than what you didn’t do.

Please give this immediate thought.

Arch Miller

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