Anti-casino group inaccurately claims Herrera Beutler as member

CARS spokesman Tom Hunt responded Wednesday night:
“Somebody has hacked into our website and put Jaime Herrera Beutler’s name there (on the board of directors list),” Hunt said. “All the information associated with her name is incorrect.”
Hunt added that the congresswoman is not a member of the CARS organization

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has taken sides in the fight over a casino in Clark County.

In a February 2011 letter to Assistant Interior Secretary Larry Echo Hawk, who oversees the Bureau of Indian Affairs, she explained her problems with his decision to allow the Cowlitz Tribe to take 152 acres into trust west of La Center for a future casino.

But, contrary to what it says on a website, she does not belong to a group that is a plaintiff in a pending federal lawsuit.

The group, Citizens Against Reservation Shopping (CARS), is headed by businessman Ed Lynch. Members do include Scott Campbell, whose name appeared at the bottom of my paychecks before I switched to direct deposit.

Reader Rolf Knapp emailed me to tell me he thinks The Columbian’s coverage of the casino controversy “sucks,” and asked why Herrera Beutler is a member of a group involved in a federal lawsuit.

I checked the website, and she is listed as a member. But since the website also claimed she’s a Democrat, a state senator and a resident of the 49th District, I had my doubts.

Casey Bowman, her spokesman in D.C., asked Herrera Beutler and she said she’s aware of the group but no, she’s not a member.

Bowman said Wednesday he would use the contact email listed on the website and have someone remove Herrera Beutler’s name.

While they are updating their website, they could shift her name to the “contact elected officials” section, as Brian Baird is still listed as the U.S. Congressman from the 3rd District.

Maybe instead of just asking Scott Campbell to join, CARS should have also invited a copy editor?

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