Animals running City Hall

Millions of people celebrated Chinese New Year today.

So in honor of the holiday, we took a look at the animals that make up the Chinese lunar calendar.

The calendar includes 12 animals; each year is assigned an animal. For example, this year is the year of the rabbit.

The Chinese say the animal ruling the year in which you were born will influence your life.

So what do our mayors’ and county commissioners’ birth dates – and animals – say about them?

We used a third-grader’s handout explaining the calendar to find the answer.

Tom Mielke, county commissioner – Horse (’42), described as popular, cheerful and quick to compliment others. Also, horse people can work very hard.

Marc Boldt, county commissioner – Horse (’54)

Steve Stuart, county commissioner – Boar (’71), described as very good students, honest and brave. They always finish a project or assignment.

Tim Leavitt, Vancouver mayor – Boar (’71)

Mike Ciraulo, Battle Ground mayor – Dragon (’64), described as people with good health and lots of energy. They are good friends.

Jim Irish, La Center mayor – Dog (’46), described as loyal and able to keep secrets. Sometimes dog people worry too much.

Ron Onslow, Ridgefield mayor – Tiger (’38), described as brave. Others respect tiger people for their deep thoughts and courageous actions.

Sean Guard, Washougal mayor – Tiger (’62)

Paul Dennis, Camas mayor – Monkey (’68), described as very funny and good at solving problems.

Snake people are described as having good luck with money. While none of our local commissioners or mayors were born in the year of the snake, at least one person responsible for handling taxpayer money was: county budget analyst Adriana Prata, who was born in 1977.

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