And the next B.G. deputy mayor will be …

Barring something unforeseen, Lisa Walters will be appointed Battle Ground’s first female mayor Tuesday night.

Council members are already using the pronoun “she” when addressing the mayor position. Her appointment is a slam dunk. Or as much of a slam dunk as city government can be.

Handicapping the council’s deputy mayor appointment, also set for Tuesday, is far from a slam dunk. Then again, I don’t know if I would call it a contested 3-pointer with the shot clock running down, either.

I interviewed council members Monday afternoon to get a sense of who would serve as deputy mayor, a person who runs meetings and represents the city at events when the mayor is unavailable.

Here’s what I got:

Former mayor Bill Ganley said Monday he would seek appointment at the urging of Walters and outgoing B.G. Mayor Mike Ciraulo. Council newcomer Shane Bowman also indicated he would seek the appointment.

Interesting tidbit No. 1: Ganley defeated Bowman to win re-election in 2009. Interesting tidbit No. 2: Bowman unseated outgoing Deputy Mayor Phil Haberthur in this fall’s election.

The deputy mayor appointment boils down to a philosophical difference — some on the council want change while others want a steady hand.

Bowman’s side wants new ideas. The camp supporting Ganley, however, feels the 17-year council veteran would best help Walters transition into her new role.

Ciraulo and council newcomer Adrian Cortes told me Monday afternoon they would support Ganley. Logic suggests Ganley, 52, will support himself, if nominated.

That means he needs one more vote — likely Walters, although she said last week she would not take sides until Tuesday night. She did not immediately return a phone call Monday night.

Council veteran Alex Reinhold, a former deputy mayor himself, is expected to nominate Bowman. However, Reinhold refused to pick a side when asked Monday afternoon.

Reinhold guaranteed one thing — he would not nominate himself, as outgoing councilman Paul Zandamela once did.

Bowman, 39, has the support of his fellow council newcomer Philip L. Johnson. The two built a strong bond while campaigning this fall, Johnson said.

Bowman has two votes in the bag, with possibly a third to come. That still leaves him a vote short, unless someone changes their mind.

Bill Ganley, deputy mayor. That appears to be in the cards less than 24 hours before the council’s meeting.

Just don’t write it in stone yet.

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