All hail king mustache!

Bart Phillips, head of the Columbia River Economic Development Council, announced this month that he was resigning his post.


What he didn’t know is that he was also ceding any potential claim to the title of King of the Mustaches.

And now, the lone man on top of the heap is the city of Vancouver’s very own Transportation Policy Director, Thayer Rorabaugh!


Seriously, his ‘stache is enough to make a Portland hipster weep with the knowledge their fancy facial hair will never top his. A Civil War general’s got nothing on him.

When informed of his new title, Thayer, 61, said he’s been growing the mustache since he got out of the Army when he was in his 20s. In the early ’80s, as was the fashion, it was joined by a full beard. But his young daughter threatened to not draw him any more pictures if he kept the beard.

All we have to say is thank goodness that sweet ‘stache stayed.

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