A politician's best friend


Jack Burkman’s miniature Australian shepherd puppy Tazzy

Happy Cinco de Mayo, and may we also say feliz National Pet Week!

We heard this week about how Vancouver City Councilor Pat Campbell has Roxie the cat. But five chickens also call his backyard home.

Here’s what a few other elected officials come home to after a hard day of bureaucracy:

Vancouver Councilor Jack Burkman: Two 13-year-old ragdoll cats named Missy and Dusty. Two miniature Australian shepherds, Tazzy (6 months) and Rusty (3 years).

Vancouver Councilor Jeanne Harris: “Four silver-laced wyandottes (chickens)…I love ’em! They’re friendly, easy to care for and relatively quiet (they get excited when they lay an egg and like to tell the whole neighborhood) and very fun to watch, like watching an aquarium, they never stop moving!

Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt recently got a chihuahua named Parker, to which Commissioner Steve Stuart replied “That is cute,” and then asked Boldt if he had a purse to carry the dog in. Boldt said no.

Vancouver Councilor Bart Hansen: A Golden Retriever named Gary and a cat named Duncan.

Commissioner Steve Stuart: A rescue dog named Emma.


Three of Pat Campbell’s chickens

Vancouver City Councilor Larry Smith: “Jilly, JC, and Becca…attack cats. My wife and I have been adopted by three cats that my daughter left us when she got married. The cats’ revenge is now they will not tolerate her 21mo daughter when they visit. Payback. The cats are indoor all from humane society.”

Vancouver Councilor Jeanne Stewart: “We got a new kitten late last year. Her name is Lilly. So far, she still lets us live here.”

Just two elected officials apparently find enough unconditional love outside the home to not have a furry or feathered friend: Commissioner Tom Mielke and Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt.

“Mayoral duties unfortunately don’t allow time to be good pet owner,” Leavitt wrote in an email.

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