A man in capri pants? That's sooooo 2010

Last week we had a story about a male substitute teacher who showed up to work in capri pants. The story generated dozens of comments on our website, ranging from “Who cares?” to, and I quote, “How do they expect for kids to learn with some nut job teacher pulling that crap.” It made the Top 5 stories of the week, the only story to do so that wasn’t about the dam breaching.

We here at All Politics is Local were in the “Who cares?” camp and we bring it up today only as an excuse to repost our favorite photograph of Mayor Tim Leavitt and Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart.

See those pants on Mayor Leavitt?


And nobody referred to former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard as a cross-dresser after he showed up to Suits and a Keg in a dress. Here’s Pollard striking a pose with Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo, left, and Al Angelo III.


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