A look into the future of The Daily ‘Couve

ImageTemple Lentz, finally revealing the brains behind the controversial, and most always comical, Daily ‘Couve.

As most of you who read this blog are likely aware, The Daily ‘Couve — Vancouver’s own little version of The Onion — has come to an end. At least for now.

And Temple Lentz, former campaign manager for Tim Leavitt (though don’t think she pulled any punches for him), one-time applicant to Jim Jacks’ vacated seat in the 49th District, and general Vancouver outspoken liberal citizen, outed herself as the author last Friday. She also basically called it the end.

We here at APIL followed the blog religiously, mostly because our ‘lil old news stories provided the fodder for the ‘Couve’s comedic spin. We didn’t always agree with The Daily ‘Couve, but we more often than not cracked a smile.

We asked Temple to answer a few questions about the blog’s future, and her future plans.

All Politics Is Local: Now that one of your favorite targets (David Madore) is in the county commissioner race, are you regretting declaring a hiatus just a day before?

Temple Lentz: Not really. Like I wrote in the final post, it’s all SSDD. How many different ways can you say a guy’s a narcissistic religious zealot who fundamentally and intentionally misunderstands American history and democracy? [Answer: About 7. I think I found about 7 different ways to say that.]

That said, I’m sure both commissioner’s races will have some moments of unassisted comedy that approach high art, and I look forward to seeing it play out.

APIL: Any chance you’ll come back? When?

TL: Sure, there’s a chance. But I don’t have anything planned right now.

APIL: You’ve expressed interest in politics yourself. Do you think coming out as The Daily ‘Couve will help or harm any future ambitions — if you’ve got them?

TL: People who would let my being the DC negatively affect their impressions of me probably weren’t going to like me much anyway. And the people who would let it positively affect their opinions? Those people are AWESOME. That said, I don’t currently have any political ambitions, other than to continue to agitate as a citizen.

APIL: What kind of feedback have you heard since you’ve announced the end (for now?)?

TL: I’ve been really flattered by the surprisingly large number of people who have said they read it every day and will miss it. When I started the blog, it was as a personal exercise. I wanted to see if I, as a writer, could write something short and funny every day about the stupidity I was seeing in local politics and media. Turns out, yes I could. Though some days were better than others. To my surprise, I also filled a niche many of us didn’t even realize was there.

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