A day with the Vancouver City Council

You’ll see me on The Columbian’s message boards, saying that a city council “retreat” ain’t no day at the spa. Take last Friday’s nine hour retreat… seven local politicians discussing budget options, while every single department head looks on.

At least there’s snacks.

And one of them was provided by Friends of Fire Station 6 founder Mary Elkin. She dropped by Krispy Kreme doughnut holes and some milk. Cute, until you remember that central Vancouver is now part of a response time “doughnut hole” — and you saw the side of the milk carton:


I didn’t see the new fire chief, Joe Molina, indulge in any doughnut holes. But I did see Councilor Bart Hansen eat like 15 Red Vines (not that I was far behind).

The day also provides a chance for some great bon mots and odd behavior.

Councilor Jeanne Harris? Well, she was wearing two different colored shoes. One was black, one was brown… I guess they would be easy to mix up in a dimly lit closet when trying to rush to get to an 8 a.m. meeting.

Councilor Jeanne Stewart provided my personal favorite moment, during a tour of the new City Hall building. The facilities manager mentioned that the fourth floor has a lactation room, as required by law.

Stewart replied: “I just want to know where the babies are coming from.”

Maybe she needs “the talk?”

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