A cost-per-vote comparison

With the disclaimers that I’m using election totals from Friday, as there are still 700 or so ballots to count that were subject to challenges, and the fact that I rounded off the monetary amounts, here’s what candidates for county commissioner spent per vote.

David Madore, Vancouver Republican: $13.61

Joe Tanner, Ridgefield Democrat: $8.65

Commissioner Marc Boldt, Hockinson Republican: $4.71

Ron Barca, Battle Ground Democrat: $1.90

Roman Battan, Camas Democrat: $1.67

Pat Campbell, Vancouver, independent: 71 cents

Commissioner Tom Mielke, Battle Ground Republican: 71 cents

Darren Wertz, Ridgefield Republican: 0

Bob Freund, Battle Ground, independent: 0

The financial information comes from the state Public Disclosure Commission. I divided how much money the candidate had spent (not raised) by the Aug. 6 primary by how many votes he received.

Wertz and Freund did not raise any money, according to the PDC.

Madore will face Boldt in commissioner District 2 in the Nov. 6 general election, while Tanner will face Mielke in District 1.

Commissioners run countywide in the general election.

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