First Day of Summer Vacation

I would love to say that I spent my first day of freedom from responsibility lounging, swimming or in an exotic locale, but this day found me typing two large papers for my own summer school classes.   In one, I presented a policy analysis regarding professionalism through communication, and in the other, my personal experiences in women’s leadership. Sometimes I show the students my papers on the overhead projector until their eyes start to cross from the severity of teacher writing and they can’t help but exclaim, “Why do you have to write about such boring stuff?” and “You spelled “homologate” wrong.  Believe it or not, a 13-year-old audience doesn’t hold back.

I already miss the little cherubs.

This weekend I plan to longboard to the farmer’s market, sleep in at least twice, eat some junk food, read fiction and otherwise play at irresponsibility. Monday it’s back to the grindstone for a weeklong STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) conference and the start of my personal second summer term of classes. I’ll consider the next 96 hours a taste of summer, however fleeting.

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