It’s finally over. The school year is out. Summer is ours for the taking! It’s time for sleeping in and hanging out.

Lots of people have an end-of-school tradition type of thing they like to do just to celebrate, so my second family and I started a new tradition. We gathered everyone and walked to the closest fast food establishment. We pooled our money and bought a bunch of ice cream and fries (because everyone knows that you’re supposed to dip your fries in your milkshakes). After we loitered there for a while we decided to get what teenagers love the most, unhealthy food. We crossed the street to Safeway and bought ourselves some Pop Tarts.

As we were sitting on the bench finishing our food we all decided that this was going to be a new tradition for us. Half the group left so the rest of us went to get bubble tea to satisfy our everlasting hunger (Note: NEVER, EVEREVER get the jellies. Those nasty little things will make you hurl). Our time spent at the cafe was spent by annoying the older kids. But time went by too fast and we had to part.

But sometimes people have their own thing. Ever since third grade, I have gotten out of school, grabbed my “guitar”, and played School’s Out by Alice Cooper on Guitar Hero 3. I did it then and I do it now. Schools’ out forever!



I'm Taylor Smith and I'm going into eighth grade after this summer and I love the arts. Drawing, writing, and playing violin. I don't know what else to say so I'll just enjoy my "Summer Adventures" of sitting on my couch and watching sit-coms.

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