Did we mention Halloween is almost here?  Bark is a great option for anyone throwing a last minute party or to use up leftover candy.  The possibilities are endless, feel free to let the kids be creative.

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Halloween Bark

Makes 9×13 pan



Line 9×13 baking pan with foil.  Try to smooth out the wrinkles.

Arrange broken pretzels and half the Halloween Oreos in the pan.  Follow directions for melting chocolate bark.  Pour over pan.

Gently shake or tap pan on counter top to distribute chocolate evenly.  Let cool completely.  It’s better not to refrigerate and let chocolate harden slowly.

When chocolate is solid, follow directions to melt vanilla bark.  Pour over solid chocolate base.  Be careful when spreading, the darker chocolate color can pull through if you move it around too much.  Work quickly and stick remaining items to bark surface- start with larger things first then add smaller.  I did Oreos, gummi worms, candy corn, Reese’s Pieces candies, chopped pistachios, candy eyeballs and Halloween sprinkles.

Cool completely and remove foil.  Cut into pieces and serve.

Please note my added items are a suggestion if you hate pistachios, substitute salted peanuts.  If you think gummi worms are gross, use licorice.

If serving this at a party, feel free to label as Halloween Barf instead of Halloween Bark.

Original idea from a Pinterest post my sister sent.  My apologies I don’t know which one.

Anna Lookingbill

Anna Lookingbill

I'm a self-taught Betty Crocker. Food should be pretty, delicious and have sprinkles. Professionally I'm a clinical social worker. Follow me on Facebook and Pinterest- Sugar and Spice Baking Blog- for great recipes, amazing restaurants and culinary adventures.

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