Month: August 2012

What to Watch for tonight (Timbers vs Colorado) 7:30 PM Kickoff

What's next for PTFC? Three very good games on the trot and continued progression in pushing the ball through the top and sides of the 18 yard box as […]

THREE TIMBERS CALLED UP FOR NATIONAL TEAM DUTY Palmer, Purdy and Wallace recalled for upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Timbers today announced that midfielder Lovel Palmer (Jamaica) and defenders Steve Purdy (El Salvador) and Rodney Wallace (Costa Rica) have been recalled by their respective […]

Match Analysis (Timbers 2 – White Caps 1)

My apologies up front for taking so long to get to this; I’m in Cincinnati this week and just a lot going on right now… With it being Thursday afternoon already […]

What to Watch For (Timbers vs White Caps) Kick-off Saturday 7:30 PM

Big Cup match for Timbers tomorrow night. Many things to look for and lots of questions I have so let's get stuck in straightaway. WTWF #1. We need to […]

Portland Timbers Budgetary Investments Part 2

Get a glass or cup of your favorite bevvy, grab a biscuit or two and settle in. Here’s the second part of my analysis on the Portland Timbers budgetary investments versus […]

Portland Timbers Budgetary Investments versus Bottom Line Results Part 1

A tough season for the Timbers so far this year and a critical decision for the team looms with the hiring of a new head coach soon. I have […]

Match Analysis (Timbers 2 – Red Bulls 3) Exciting Game and plenty of action!

Well, talk about a crackin game; for those that enjoy goal scoring and goal scoring opportunities the Timbers, Red Bulls AND Referee definitely provided a show on Sunday afternoon/evening. Here's what […]

Timbers vs Red Bulls (Today) 4:00 PM Kickoff – What To Watch For

Sorry about being a bit late on this WTWF in today's game; I have been working on a Long Term WTWF and that has taken up a bit of my […]

Match Analysis – (Timbers 2 – Toronto 2)

Right - Get a cuppa tea/coffee, a biscuit or two, print this puppy out and curl around the fan or AC vent! Hot tea is actually a good drink […]

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