Month: February 2016

McCleary bill to be signed on Monday

Lawmakers are in the midst of a 60-day legislative session where their biggest priority, besides passing a supplemental school budget, was to focus on the chronic underfunding of the state’s […]

Who is running the show?

There was at least one bright red hat with the, “Make America Great Again” slogan embroidered on it last weekend at the Clark County Republican caucuses. And certainly many more Donald […]

Polarization in Washington (state)

Earlier this month, the state Senate voted against confirming Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson, effectively firing her from a job she held since 2012. Shortly after, Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, had this […]

Stonier is staying put

Earlier this week, conservative Clark County blogger Lew Waters said Monica Stonier “must wear springs under her shoes" in a post on his Facebook page. He pointed out the former 17th […]

Looking for a Chevy? Take a right

For a brief moment, there seemed to be a transportation-related measure that most Southwest Washington lawmakers could rally behind. Senate Bill 6468 would allow the state’s Department of Transportation to post […]

Eating their own

It’s no secret there’s a rift within the Republican party in Clark County; it’s pretty well documented. Republican Paul Harris recently made it even more abundantly clear recently when he showed […]

Round one

Earlier this week, Rep. Liz Pike’s bi-state bridge bill sailed out of the House Transportation committee with a unanimous vote. Pike turned to the lawmaker sitting next to her and gave […]

Clean campaign

Democratic candidate Tim Probst wrote an “open letter” (cc’ing the editors of The Columbian and Reflector, among others) to his competition Rep. Lynda Wilson, R-Vancouver. The two are vying for Sen. […]

Bridge replacement story, explained

Last week, Clark County Councilor David Madore took to what he calls his newspaper (and most people refer to as a Facebook page) and called out The Columbian for, he wrote, […]

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