Sen. Murray collecting public comment on the federal budget

Do you have a gripe about federal spending? Or maybe a suggestion? Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray wants to know.

Earlier this week she launched a web page that allows constituents to tell her, through filling out a series of forms, what Congress’ budget priorities should be.

Dubbed “MyBudget,” the page allows users to share how they are personally impacted by federal budget decisions, what they think the top spending priorities should be, and which ideas should be considered when balancing the budget.

You can access those forms here. They do ask for some personal information, such as your first and last name, your home address, and your email address.

Murray is chairwoman of the Senate’s budget committee. When rolling out the MyBudget webpage, she also wrote an editorial emphasizing the importance of public input in the budgeting process.

“I am committed to tackling this issue in a way that works for the middle class, protects seniors and families, and lays down a strong foundation for long-term economic growth,” she wrote, adding: “I am eager to contrast our budget values and priorities with the (Republican U.S. Rep. Paul) Ryan budget.”

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