Pike considering bill to arm public school teachers

Just weeks away from her first legislative session, state Rep.-elect Liz Pike, R-Camas, is talking about drafting a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in school.

The proposal comes as the nation debates how to protect students from mass shootings such as the one that took place this month in Newtown, Conn.

Pike’s proposal would allow teachers to take a week-long gun training course (at their own expense), to purchase their own guns, and to bring those guns to school, Pike said on her Facebook page.

The proposal would be modeled after the Federal Flight Deck Officers program, Pike said. That program allows some pilots and flight crew members to carry guns that they could use to defend against a plane hijacking.

Pike also asked for constituents to send her their thoughts about her idea to arm teachers. Currently, most public schools are classified as gun-free zones.

Facebook users chimed in with a range of opinions. Some said they felt arming teachers would not make schools safer. Some even worried the guns could be taken away from the teachers and used against them. Others said arming teachers ultimately would protect children in schools.

“Numerous others from my caucus have also requested nearly identical draft legislation to address the important issue of gun violence in our public schools,” Pike wrote in another Facebook post. “I am confident that the best piece of legislation will come forward for all of us to discuss and weigh in on.”

Pike will represent the 18th Legislative District. Her contact information is available here.

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