In Clark County, church trumps beer

In case you had a longing to know whether Clark County residents talk more about beer or church, your prayers have been answered, sort of.

It turns out people in Clark County tweet more about church than they do about beer, according to an analysis performed by data crunchers at the Floating Sheep blog.

They examined how many times the word “beer” or “church” appeared on, as well as the location where each tweet came from. (You can read more about their methodology here.)

Then, they put their results on a map, which you can see below. Refreshingly, the red and blue on this map doesn’t represent the divides in partisan politics.

Dark red areas on this map show counties in which church was tweeted about much more than beer was; lighter red (it almost looks peach) means church was mentioned just a bit more than beer. Light blue areas means beer was tweeted about more than church, while darker blue means beer was tweeted about much more often than church.


Can you see the dark red spot in Southwest Washington in the shape of Clark County? It’s surrounded by a sea of beer-loving blue counties.

And here’s a look at the nation as a whole:


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