Harris, Pike picked for Republican leadership positions

Legislators from Clark County were elevated to leadership positions within the House Republican caucus today.

Freshman House member Paul Harris, who will begin his second term in January, was selected for the role of Republican whip. That means he gets a say in setting the House Republicans’ priorities. The 17th District representative from Vancouver also will be in charge of making sure caucus members are present and voting on bills.

“After getting a feel for the learning curve in my first term, I wanted to be in a more active role this session,” Harris said in a news release. He also reiterated his priorities: “A lot of people are still looking for work. We need to fully fund education, make sure the state budget is sustainable, and I am worried about the costs of power, especially in Clark County.”

Recently appointed 18th District Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, was picked as the House Republican’s assistant floor leader. She will help the floor leader carry out strategy during debates on the House floor.

The 2013 Legislative session will be Pike’s first. She was appointed this summer to replace Ann Rivers.

“Holding this position will give my constituents a greater voice in the legislative process,” Pike said in a news release. “Not only that, but it will allow me to learn and share the diverse views of what is going on statewide with those I serve in the (18th) District.”

State Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, was re-elected to serve as the House Republican leader. DeBolt is a legislator from the 20th Legislative District, which dips into parts of northern Clark County.

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